Why are you selling shooks instead of assembled crates?

Shooks are easier to store and to ship. That’s the basic reason. We’re a very small business, currently working out of a garage. We simply don’t have the room to store and package assembled crates. So, we decided to supply these excellent boxes in the same form as they are delivered to orchards — as shooks. Admittedly, from a customer point of view, assembled crates would require less work and yield more instant gratification. But, we just can’t manage that right now; we don’t rule it out for the future for your personal organization needs.

Meanwhile, turning your shooks into crates provides another form of gratification. The assembly jigs we invented make construction pretty easy. The (relatively compact) package you receive will contain your shook sets, more than enough nails, assembly jigs, and detailed assembly instructions. Pound in a few nails, admire your big, sturdy crates and, like us, you’ll see that they’re worth a bit of extra work!

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