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The Best Harrington Jackets

buyjustnatural~December 22, 2019 /Uncategorized

As the winter approaches, the true fasionistas begin to store away their pretty, short flower dresses for another hot day, and bring out their spunky, outrageous outerwear. There’s no limit to their wardrobe; fur here, wool there and cotton basically everywhere. There’s no need to shy away from ones inner passion for trendy styles just cause the weather is below freezing. But the real question is what will the men wear? They can’t just be forced to wear sweatshirts for months, I am not so sure that that old college pullover is going to look as smashing with that fine-tailored suit as much as a Harrington Jacket will. Most Harrington Jackets are waist length, and their made out of lots of different types of material from suede to cotton and even wool. Suffering from storage issue? self storage zone is your solution!

The Harrington Jacket gives a man a strong, sophisticated look. There is no stopping a man when he wears this jacket. There’s no doubt that he will feel in control while wearing this body protector, and did I mention how sexy it looks on?

Like every jacket, you want it to feel comfortable but also durable. This bad boy is going to get you through lots of snow storms and snow fights. So what is the best brand to buy this jacket from? First I would look at Baracuta, famous for creating the original Harrington Jacket worn by the likes of Elvis, Sinatra and McQueen. On the website, the jacket is referred to as the G9. You can purchase it in lots of different styles and colors. However, if you are on a tight budget, Baracuta may not be your best place to buy a harrington jacket. An original cost up to $300.00, but is totally worth the price.

Another great place to buy this type of coat is on They sell cotton Harrington Jackets for only $100.00. They come in lots of bold colors including cream, green, porcelain blue and blazer red. While the light cotton material may not keep you very warm during the winter, it sure will look nice on the dance floor. On my budget, I would scout the ebay pages. There’s always great deals and it’s quite possibly the only place that you could find a Harrington for under $50.00. So if you don’t care if it’s vintage, check out corporate event venues NJ!

There are many options when you are buying this type of coat, which I know puts a big smile on any man’s face. What’s not to like about a little variety, popping color and some fond memories of Elvis to go with it.

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