My Beliefs and Coaching Philosophy

The various training methods I use are a direct result of my experience as a competitive athlete while at the University of Oregon back in the mid 60’s. My mentor and coach, Bill Bowerman taught me many things but primarily that rest and recovery are critical for short and long term development. I was an integral part of the original Jogging programs Bill started for the Eugene community in 1966 as a result of his experience in New Zealand min 1964.
I learned as a freshman that if you train smart by listening to how your body is responding to the training challenges, be positive in your outlook, enjoy yourself and stay healthy, you will improve while staying injury free. The most important element for improvement is consistency. By taking your recovery days you will allow your body to regenerate and get stronger as a result of the recovery time. It is not the challenging training that makes you fit, it is the recovery time that allows the body’s chemistry to regenerate fully. In addition, you will need a minumum of 8 hours of sleep, adequate fluids though out the day and a full breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You can define success with faster times or completion of a race distance but without the joy of the process or “the journey” you may not be able to sustain the energy necessary to maintain the habit of this wonderful form of fitness activity. Running for fitness or competition should be a pleasurable experience.

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